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Landscape Architecture - Maisa Mazzini

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As a student on exchange from Brazil, I can say that my experience studying at UWA has been very enriching. I first decided to study Landscape Architecture because I wanted to design open spaces in order to benefit the greatest number of people possible. Thus, UWA helped me broaden my knowledge and horizons: I had the opportunity to meet other international students from different countries and cultures; I have participated in research, helping a professor in her postgraduate dissertation; I was orientated by qualified professors of different backgrounds. I also studied other visual art units, which have helped me to express myself artistically. No doubt it was an amazing experience, not only for my career but also for a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have no idea what I want to study ā€“ what are my options?

In most cases, UWA's flexible undergraduate degree structure allows you to keep your options open before committing to your chosen major/s at the end of first year. At the application stage you only need to choose a broad degree area (Arts, Commerce, Design or Science); you will then have time to work out the details of your degree once you’ve been made an offer.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss your options, contact our friendly Future Students team.
I'm interested in two or more study areas ā€“ can I combine them?

There are various ways you can mix complementary or diverse subject areas within your degree, depending on the course or pathway you have been offered. In most cases (some exceptions apply) you may choose to undertake up to two majors concurrently; alternatively you can include a selection of units as electives or broadening units in conjunction with your degree-specific major.

EXAMPLE 1: Joel Hodgson undertook a Bachelor of Arts and chose to combine Music Studies with Exercise and Health; he also incorporated some Astronomy into his degree via the broadening unit requirement.

EXAMPLE 2: Yu (Rain) Liu’s interest in German engineering, in particular, influenced his decision to complement his Engineering Science major with German Studies.

What ATAR do I need to get into UWA?

The University's minimum entry requirement for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Science is an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 80.00, unless you qualify for one of our alternative entry pathways, such as attending a Broadway UWA-identified school.

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) requires a minimum ATAR of 98.00, but the actual cut-off score may be higher, due to intense competition for limited places. For instance, in 2014 the Main Round cut-off score for the BPhil (Hons) was 99.80.

Furthermore, entry to our Assured-entry pathways to professional postgraduate degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering1, Law, and Psychology (Honours) is highly competitive; as a result attaining the minimum ATAR does not necessarily guarantee you a place. It is therefore recommended you also include a preference for your chosen undergraduate degree as a back-up option.

1Entry to the Engineering Assured-entry pathway is not competitive, but does require applicants to meet certain prerequisites.

The Future Students website has a number of equivalence tables for various international qualifications that will help you determine how results from your qualification compare with the ATAR scores listed. Interstate and New Zealand applicants will also find subject equivalence information that will help you work out if your previous study satisfies UWA's requirements.

Undergraduate degrees

Minimum ATAR

Limited places

Bachelor of Arts



Bachelor of Commerce



Bachelor of Design



Bachelor of Science



Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)



Assured-entry pathways to professional postgraduate degrees




Psychology (Honours)












Iā€™m missing some prerequisites ā€“ can I still get into my chosen course?

Missing prerequisite subjects won't necessarily prevent you from getting an offer of a place, provided you also meet the ATAR and English Language Competency requirements. You may then need to take on additional units (as electives) in your first year to fulfil the requirements of your degree and/or major.

Assured-entry Pathway to Engineering preferences (UWENG/UWPHE) require a minimum scaled score of 50 in WACE Mathematics 3C/3D; if you don’t (or are unsure if you) meet this requirement, it is recommended you include an additional preference based on your chosen degree (Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Design or Science) as a back-up. 

Getting started

Our innovative undergraduate course structure offers a wide range of options and a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to combine subjects in a way that matches your career goals and personal interests. Follow these three steps to open up a world of opportunity.

Step 1 – choose a degree

Choose a degree


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Bachelor of Philosophy

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) will give you the freedom to choose a major from any field of study within Arts, Commerce, Design or Science.

The course features an intensive research focus, extensive teamwork and communication skills development and support for an overseas study experience and on-campus residency.

Your UWA degree

  • Flexible course structure
  • Combine your strengths with your passion
  • Globally recognised degree
  • More options (and more time to think about them!)
Step 2 – check admission requirements

Admission requirements

UWA welcomes applications to our undergraduate courses from high school students from Western Australia, interstate and overseas; mature-age applicants (aged 20 years or more); and those with previous tertiary study.

You will be eligible for a place at UWA if you:

  1. achieve a sufficiently high score for entry to UWA in your chosen entry pathways (ATAR, interstate and overseas equivalents, previous tertiary study)
  2. demonstrate English language competence through a UWA-approved test of English
  3. satisfy any prerequisites for a particular course or major

We also provide a number of alternative entry pathways for domestic students who do not meet our standard admission requirements.

Step 3 – apply now

For entry to UWA in Semester 1, 2016, domestic students (Australian citizens and permanent residents or New Zealand citizens) must apply online via the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC). Some of our alternative entry pathways may also have separate application requirements.

If you are an international student, refer to the My Application portal for International Students to begin the application process.

How to apply