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Pathway details

Learn to diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and abnormalities of teeth and gums with preventive procedures, surgery and other techniques. You can pursue a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) at UWA via a Direct Pathway after completing a bachelor's degree in any discipline with a major in Medical Sciences. You’ll also need to meet any other course prerequisites, and complete your undergraduate degree with a Grade Point Average of at least 5.5. If you are not completing a Direct Pathway, you are not required to take the Medical Sciences major, however this means your postgraduate study will be four years instead of three.

6 years to be a


Dentist To become a dentist you need to study a three-year bachelor's degree followed by a three-year doctorate degree DENTIST = 3 DOCTORATE 3+ BACHELOR’S

Choose a three-year degree with one major in your degree field and the other in Medical Sciences and, if you meet other prerequisites, you can pursue a Doctor of Dental Medicine. The Doctor of Dental Medicine is a professional degree course to train students to be fully registered in the dental profession in accordance with the requirements specified in an approved registration standard in Australia.

6 years to be a
Dental Medicine

Pathways for mature-age students

If you'll be aged 20 years or older on 1 March (for Semester 1 entry) or 1 August (for Semester 2 entry) you qualify for our mature-age entry pathways. These enable entry into one of UWA's undergraduate degrees whereby, upon completion, you could apply for graduate entry into dentistry.
Dental Medicine
Dental Medicine

Direct Pathways for high school leavers

Minimum ATAR
TISC Codes
  • BA + DMD
  • BBiomedSc + DMD
    BCom + DMD
  • BSc + DMD
  • BPhil (Hons) + DMD
Limited places
  • Opportunities are available for students from High Achievement, Broadway, Rural and Indigenous entry paths to apply for a Direct Pathway place to the Doctor of Dental Medicine (places are limited)
Selection criteria
  • Aptitude test (UMAT)
  • Interview
  • Academic performance (ATAR or equivalent)
  • Spatial awareness test
Undergraduate major
Conditions for progress to Postgraduate Study
  • Completion of a UWA bachelor’s degree with a minimum Faculty GPA of 5.5 in three years (four years for students undertaking an honours year)

[1] This pathway is also available through the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours). Students taking this pathway require an ATAR of 98.00.

[2] Bachelor of Philosophy students will take an additional year to complete this pathway.

Dental Medicine
Dental Medicine

Standard entry

You can study dental medicine by completing a bachelor's degree after high school. Other requirements include:

  • Minimum GPA of 5.5
  • Suitable GAMSAT score
  • Interview
  • English Language Competency
  • Satisfactory completion of the Spatial Awareness Test
  • Eyesight requirements

For further information on graduate entry to the DMD, visit the Faculty website.

Dental Medicine