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The fascinating and diverse world of Psychology relates to many aspects of daily life.

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A career in this discipline leads to an understanding of how and why people think, feel, perceive and act. To begin your pathway to becoming a psychologist, select the Psychology double major via a three-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Follow this with a fourth year of Honours and you can then graduate as a provisional psychologist or carry on to complete further study depending on your chosen area of interest.

4 years to be a

Provisional psychologist

If you would like to study Psychology without becoming a registered psychologist, you can complete either or both of the Psychology majors. These are Psychology in Society (Arts major) or Psychological Science (Science major).



Students who have completed the accredited bachelor’s degree and a year of honours are eligible to register as a provisional psychologist. After completing this, there are accredited postgraduate courses of two or more years available. Students who complete an accredited postgraduate course are eligible to register as a general psychologist with an area of practise endorsement.

4 years to be a

Pathways for mature-age high-school leavers

If you will be aged 20 years or older on 1 March (for Semester 1 entry) or 1 August (for Semester 2 entry) you could be eligible to enter a Direct Pathway after completing a two-course or four-course ATAR as a mature-age student.

Direct Pathways for high school leavers

The Direct Pathway to Psychology assures you a place in fourth-year honours. However, you will need to maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 5.5. This broadly equates to an overall subject average of approximately 65 to 70 per cent.
Minimum ATAR
TISC Codes
  • UWPYA (Arts)
  • UWPYS (Science)
  • UWPYP (Philosophy [Honours] Direct Pathway)
  • BA (Honours) 
  • BSc (Honours) 
  • BPhil (Honours) 
Limited places
  • Yes. The number of places is subject to review each year
Selection criteria
  • ATAR (subject to meeting prerequisites)
Undergraduate major
Conditions for progress to Postgraduate Study

Standard entry

You can study Psychology by completing a bachelor’s degree and enrolling in the Psychology double major. To be eligible to enter the honours program, you will need to achieve an average score of 65 per cent in eight Level 3 psychology units, or equivalent. For more information, speak to the Faculty.

Five-star rating

UWA is the only WA university to earn the highest rating of five for research in Psychology in the recent Excellence in Research for Australia evaluation.