Bringing your family

If you’re thinking of bringing your spouse and/or children to Australia, you’ll need to carefully consider the financial, social, educational and cultural implications before making your decision.

Some things to take into account include housing arrangements, your children’s education and your family’s ability to cope with language, social and cultural issues before your dependants arrive in Australia.

We advise students to arrive in Australia on their own to allow time to settle in and make preparations for their family’s arrival.

Various government policies apply to families accompanying students. Visit the Department of Education's Enrolment Policy for information.

Students intending to bring their families must advise the University and should familiarise themselves with the policies before making a decision. Contact the Australian High Commission Office or Embassy in your home country for more details.

Schooling for dependants

Dependent school-aged children of postgraduate students

The Western Australian Government provides a limited number of places in government schools for dependent school-aged children of international students enrolled in master's by coursework, master's by research, doctorate and PhD degrees if they meet the criteria set by the Department of Education. Please note, your child must be in the country at the time of enrolment.

Parents are responsible for meeting the costs of special tuition for children with special needs, such as learning difficulties or a disability, and costs for intensive English language classes, if considered necessary. It is recommended that your child(ren) begin learning English before arriving in Australia.

Arrangements for schooling must be made through International Student Support after you arrive in Australia and you should not approach government schools or your faculty directly. The International Centre, together with Education and Training International (ETI), endeavours to place dependent children in school. It is important to note your child will be placed in a school that has a vacancy and not necessarily the school closest to your home and that this may not be near the University. If you have more than one child, they may not be placed in the same school. To register your child for schooling or childcare, you must bring your child’s:

  • Immunisation records
  • Education records (in English)
  • Birth certificate

Before your child starts school, we recommend you obtain information about the Western Australian education system and ETI.

Dependent school-aged children of undergraduate, English language and graduate diploma students

The above international students are required to pay international fees for their dependent children to attend a government school or a non-government school registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Students are to liaise directly with Education and Training International (ETI) to arrange placement for their dependants.


Once a student has commenced their course, spouses of international students who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree or graduate diploma can work up to 40 hours per fortnight. Spouses of postgraduate students (master’s, PhD) are permitted to work full-time.