A postgraduate research course provides you with a unique opportunity to follow your interest in an area of research.

Through the research process you will extend your understanding of a subject area and develop advanced analytical and project management skills as well as the ability to work independently.

Many students undertake a research degree because they have the drive to progress as far as they can in their chosen field. The continued challenge and enjoyment of independent research are, for many, rewards in themselves.

In addition, graduates from higher degree by research programs are highly employable, across all fields of study. The reason graduates experience a high rate of success in employment is that the transferable skills required for success in a graduate research degree are the same skills in high demand by employers.

In particular, successful completion of a research degree indicates to a prospective employer that you have excellent project and personal management skills, and that you can think independently and critically, solve problems and communicate effectively.

There are a few types of research degrees available to you. These include: