A degree at UWA could be your ticket to the world

The UWA Student Exchange Program is your opportunity to travel and experience life in another country. See the world, experience diverse cultures, learn new languages and study subjects that might not be possible at home.

Choose to study overseas for a semester or two, or choose a short-term program


We offer more than 180 student exchange partner universities

Gain credit towards your degree while studying abroad

Choose your own adventure

You could study for a year or a semester in one of 30 overseas countries, from Asia to Europe, or North and South America. Study Science in Singapore, Finance in France or Business in Britain while continuing to gain credit towards your degree.

Best of both worlds

Going on exchange doesn’t normally extend the length of your degree, so you’re free to travel and study without committing to a longer time frame – just as long as you complete the exchange program and pass all your classes.

Get assistance

If you’re interested in an exchange program, you could be eligible to receive a Study Abroad Scholarship to help with the cost of your exchange.

Hone in on a niche subject

UWA’s innovative course structure and world-class reputation means that you can match your career goals with personal passions. While overseas, use this opportunity to delve into key topics that are unrelated to your degree or that are not offered at UWA.

Develop yourself

Apart from educational and vocational benefits of exchange, you’ll learn more about yourself and another culture, gain independence and confidence, meet new people and develop lifelong friendships, and do all this while experiencing an exciting new destination.



At first, it was daunting being away from everything that is familiar to you for a year, but then you get settled and excitement takes over. I learned so much [by going on exchange], particularly about what I want to study in the future.
Sarah Heldsinger, Bachelor of Arts



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Our student exchange program gives you a head start on your global career.

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Studying abroad opens your world and extends your thinking. You'll gain an advantage that boosts your credentials and employability.

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