Undergraduate - your first degree

Set yourself apart with a UWA degree. Our courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed locally, nationally and internationally.

Our courses

Your first degree, or undergraduate degree, starts you on a path towards your future career. At UWA, our five undergraduate degrees offer a broad range of options and a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to combine subjects in a way that matches your career goals with your personal interests.

More than 65 majors (specialisations) are available at this level, with a number of professional pathways offered at postgraduate level (your second degree).

You'll complete at least one degree-specific, or main, major within your first degree. In most cases (some exceptions apply), you'll have the opportunity to incorporate a second major if you wish.

UWA's Five Undergraduate Degrees

UWA offers 70 different majors within 5 undergraduate degrees.

Bachelor of Arts

Degree specific majors 25

Explore what it means to be human. The Bachelor of Arts can include study of the humanities, social and cultural studies, languages and music.

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Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Degree specific majors 0

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science, a new degree commencing in 2018, encompasses the biological basis of human structure and function and the application of this knowledge to disease, wellbeing and society. 

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Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

Degree specific majors 69

An inspiring and research-oriented four-year degree for high-achieving students.

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Bachelor of Commerce

Degree specific majors 8

Make a positive difference in the world. UWA Commerce graduates bring together people and organisations across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

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Bachelor of Science

Degree specific majors 32

Reason, logic, observation, analysis, resourcefulness, creativity, imagination, experimentation and synthesis – these are the essence of science.

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Our degree structure

UWA's three-year undergraduate degrees consist of 24 units or subjects. You’ll complete at least one degree-specific major, with the option to choose a second, as well as a number of units designed to broaden your learning experience. A full-time study load usually involves four units per semester.

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) has a similar structure to other bachelor’s degrees and has an additional year of honours. This is an integral part of the course and involves an extended research project in the final year of study. During the course you will attend a pre-semester residential camp, study overseas and have advanced training in communication and research skills.


If you’re interested in adding to your CV while studying at UWA, our Careers Centre can help you organise practical learning opportunities. These provide you with the chance to gain industry knowledge, develop work-ready skills and create lasting networks with industry professionals. Common practical learning programs include work placements, internships, projects, completion of case studies, volunteering, service learning, work shadowing and simulations on campus.

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Direct Pathways

We offer assured places for Year 12 students wishing to pursue a professional career in a range of fields. These allow you to reserve a place in – or progress to – your desired professional postgraduate degree (your second degree). For areas such as law, pharmacy, dental medicine and medicine, there is a limited number of places in postgraduate courses. Depending on the area, you may also be required to maintain a specified academic mark to retain your place.

Our Direct Pathways are available in the following areas:

Students who either miss out on or don’t apply for a Direct Pathway can compete for entry to certain professional postgraduate courses towards the end of their first degree.