Deferring offers

Not ready to start just yet? Find out how to defer your place here.

Most domestic students offered an undergraduate or postgraduate place at UWA are permitted to defer their offer of a place for up to one year, provided they have met all conditions specified on their offer letter.

If you choose to defer your offer, UWA will guarantee to repeat the offer in the intake period you nominate, provided you abide by the conditions of deferral.

  • You must defer your offer online by the deadline indicated on your offer letter.
  • You must not enrol in any diploma or degree program, either undergraduate or postgraduate, including not-for-degree study, at this university or any other tertiary institution during the period of deferral. If you start or continue enrolment in tertiary studies, your guaranteed deferred place will be lost. However, you will be considered for a place in normal competition with other applicants.
  • No deferral is permitted for music courses. A new application must be made and another audition will be required.
  • You cannot defer an honours course via UWA Accept. Speak with your faculty for more information.


  • A deferred place will not be held for more than 12 months, unless there are exceptional circumstances beyond your control.
  • You are not permitted to defer a place at UWA more than once.
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) places can only be deferred for 12 months, as there is no Semester 2 entry for this course. 
  • If you defer a Direct Pathway place for Medicine or Dentistry for six months, there may be a six-month gap at the end of your undergraduate degree, as the Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Dental Medicine courses only commence in Semester 1 each year.
  • Most deferred places will be taken up in Semester 1 of the following year.  Please be aware that, due to unit sequencing constraints, it may not be possible to complete some majors within the minimum time if you commence in Semester 2. 
  • If you apply for entry to other UWA courses, as well as the one you have deferred, you will be considered for these on the basis of your ATAR or other qualifications in normal competition with other applicants. Only one offer, for the highest preference possible, will be made.
  • You will be subject to the rules and conditions that apply at the time you commence your course. This is particularly important in relation to fees and charges such as student contributions, the Higher Education Loan Program (HECS-HELP) and the Student Services and Amenities Fee.

Taking up a deferred offer 

Students who deferred an undergraduate or postgraduate place at UWA will be sent a new offer of a place in November (Semester 1) or May (Semester 2). You do not need to reapply for your deferred place.

If you wish to be considered for other courses before your deferred course, lodge a new application via UWA Apply before the deadline.

Applications for Direct Pathways to Medicine and Dentistry are only available for Semester 1 commencement. Refer to application deadlines.