Student ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are living proof that students from our partner schools can and do succeed at UWA.

Our Student Ambassadors are one of Aspire UWA's greatest assets. When their former teachers see them in action, confidently leading learning activities and demonstrating their potential they are both proud and inspired to believe their current students can also succeed at university.

Our Ambassadors are able to closely relate to high school students and share recent experiences of the journey from high school to university. In some cases, the Ambassadors know the high school students, which create an even greater opportunity to forge relationships and openly discuss the challenges and benefits associated with attending university. By providing a role model, Ambassadors help students to see that they too can aspire to tertiary education.

Do you have an interest in inspiring high schools students to consider uni? Become an Aspire UWA Student Ambassador, and show high school students from our partner schools that uni can be for everyone.

What you'll do as an Ambassador

  • Participate in Aspire UWA events and activities, including camps, visits to our partner schools and on campus events
  • Encourage high school students by sharing your journey to university
  • Show high school students why university, and UWA, is worth considering as an option for their future
  • Inspire high school students to consider university
  • Have lots of fun!

What you'll get out of it

  • The knowledge that you are giving back and helping others
  • Opportunities to gain leadership skills and experience in public speaking
  • Receive training in working with teenagers and culturally diverse communities
  • Meet like-minded uni students and attend social events throughout the year
  • Opportunities to network with the university Executive, politicians and business and industry leaders
  • Your contribution will be recognised on your UWA volunteering transcript

How to become a student ambassador

  • Have an interest in helping high school students aspire to university.
  • Be able to contribute to events and activities throughout their year (there is no minimum commitment required).
  • Contact the Aspire office.
Working with Aspire as a Student Ambassador has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me at uni. When I led students from my high school for the first time, it was very satisfying to hear their excitement about the idea of coming to uni? these were kids that wouldn't even think for a second about the prospect of tertiary studies. Never underestimate just how much you can impact the lives of students in just 5 hours.Lewis Teixeira, (Hamilton SHS) 4th Year Bachelor of Science (Maths/Physics)