Help and support

Taylors College Perth is committed to a high standard duty of care and the ongoing supervision and nurturing of students living away from home.

Personal counselling services and assistance with academic, tertiary or health issues are available. Rolls are marked for every lesson and attendance is strictly monitored.

Personal counselling services are available for all UWA Foundation Program students.

There is an integrated range of programs to advise and assist you with your study, health, career and personal issues. Taylors College are committed to ensuring you will receive the best possible care while away from home.

Student Services

The Student Services team at Taylors College Perth will assist you with welfare and social issues to ensure that everything is in place for you to concentrate on your academic development. The Student Services Centre receives and distributes mail and messages, provides travel assistance, photocopying facilities and sells telephone cards. You will also be given specific phone numbers to contact Taylors College Perth staff in case of an emergency.

If you are aged under 18, Taylors Caregivers liaise with the school and parents, and report on academic progress or any concerns regarding your health and after hours activities.


At the start of each intake, you will receive a full orientation program to familiarise yourself with the campus and its surroundings. UWA staff will provide you with a full overview of the University and a tour of the University campus.

You will be provided with important information regarding visa regulations, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), general advice on accommodation and the UWA Foundation Program assessment guidelines.

You will have the chance to meet with your new teachers and classmates and receive important academic advice regarding your unit selection and enrolment into the foundation program.

Tutorial opportunities

Every foundation program unit of study has its own tutorial period to provide you with the opportunity to speak, often individually but usually as a group, about areas of the subject that you would like to explore. You should take advantage of this to ensure that your particular views and concerns can be discussed.

Health facilities

We have a fully trained First Aid Officer and a sick room on campus. Taylors College Perth has agreements with several medical centres close to the campus. These centres provide bulk billing services, which means that the doctor's fee is billed directly to your health provider.

College library

The library provides an extensive selection of resource materials, periodicals and past examination papers. Our library team will help you develop your learning and research skills. The College library houses 15,000 volumes. Students are also members of the library at the main University campus and will have access to all its facilities.

Online learning

Web Enhanced Learning (WEL) allows teachers to provide web-based learning activities and course materials that have been designed specifically for your needs. You will also be able to interact and share information with your classmates.

The WEL course tools include a bulletin board, chat room, whiteboard, email, student presentation area, grade book, quizzing tools, interactive calendar, and tools for incorporating and linking content.

Web Enhanced Learning (WEL) is available at the campus for certain subjects, providing access to course materials and lessons at anytime. You will benefit from a dynamic learning environment, combining the latest technology with modern teaching methods.

Guidance with university placement

The UWAFP Academic Advisor provides you with course and careers advice. It is not enough to simply achieve good grades at college – Taylors believe students need the right information and advice on the best decisions they can make about their next academic steps. Taylors College Perth staff will talk through all the options with you and provide informed help and direction.

Student activity Program

Throughout the year an extensive range of sporting, social and cultural activities are organised by the Taylors College Perth Social Program Coordinator. While participation is voluntary, our students are encouraged to engage in these activities as it creates the perfect environment to make new friends as well as help to further develop their English and social skills. Special celebratory days are organised throughout the year, allowing students the opportunity to participate in special events such as the annual College ball, Lunar New Year, the international luncheon, fundraisers and the Graduation Ceremony.

Student Representative Council

Members of the Taylors College Perth Student Representative Council are elected at the beginning of each calendar year to discuss and plan social activities for the College. The council also acts as the united voice of the student body at the campus to ensure that we as an education institution are aware of your needs.

UWA Student Guild

All students are eligible to join the UWA Student Guild allowing you to:

  • receive discounts at all cafés and food outlets at Taylors College Perth and UWA
  • have full access to Student Guild discounts at over 200 businesses across Perth
  • join the many different clubs and societies run on the main UWA campus, and mix with the current UWA students.