The Aspire/Fairway Alumni Network provides an opportunity for Alumni who have participated in Aspire UWA and Fairway UWA to stay connected and involved in the programs once they graduate.

The Alumni program will:

  • provide academic support to high school and university students
  • provide mentoring to university students
  • raise aspirations of high school students
  • provide career development support to high school and university students
  • inspire students with the lived experiences of our alumni
Contact Ms Cate Morrris if you are interested in joining the network and inspiring high school students to achieve their dreams.

Volunteer with university students

Proposed activities:

  • Professional development and training
  • Mentoring
  • Speed networking cafe
  • Alumni panels
  • Tutoring

Volunteer with high school students

(Years 10-12, at school visits, camps and on campus at UWA)

Proposed activities:

  • Alumni panel
  • Speed networking cafe
  • Homework clubs
  • School visits

Volunteer with parents

Proposed activities:

  • Alumni panels
  • Parent information evenings