Western Australian Certificate of Education

Successfully attaining a WACE is one of the ways you can gain admission into UWA.

The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is the qualification used for admission to the University by many students. It offers a wide range of courses and stages to accommodate students' varied interests and abilities.

For entry to UWA, WACE students must have an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) calculated.

If you are studying the WACE, have never undertaken tertiary study and are not a mature-age student, you will be considered for admission to UWA if you:

Minimum ATAR

Entry point Minimum ATAR
Bachelor of Arts 80.00
Bachelor of Commerce 80.00
Bachelor of Design 80.00
Bachelor of Science 80.00
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) [1] 98.00
Direct Pathways – Engineering 92.00
Direct Pathways – Dentistry [1] 99.00
Direct Pathways – Law [1] 97.00
Direct Pathways – Medicine [1] 99.00
Direct Pathways – Medicine (Equity programs and International Students) [1] 99.00

[1]: A limited number of places are available and are subject to a competitive entry process. Achieving the minimum ATAR does not guarantee admission; additional selection criteria may apply.

Maths Bonus

UWA offers an ATAR bonus to WACE students who take higher level maths subjects from 2018 (Year 12s in 2017). Similar to the LOTE bonus, this includes a 10 per cent TEA bonus on the scaled score for students taking Mathematics Methods, plus an additional 10 per cent TEA bonus on the scaled score for students taking Mathematics Specialist.

Language (LOTE) bonus

UWA offers an ATAR bonus to WA Certificate of Education students who study a language other than English in Year 12.

How it works

Ten per cent of a student's final scaled score in a WA Curriculum Council-approved course in a language other than English will be added to that student's Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA). The TEA is the sum of a student's best four scaled scores in WACE courses. A new Tertiary Admission Rank for entry to UWA will be calculated based on the improved TEA.

An example

This student has completed examinations in five Year 12 subjects. Their courses and scaled scores are:

English 3A/3B 63*
Indonesian: Second Language 3A/3B 71*
Mathematics 2C/2D 52
Chemistry 3A/3B 80*
Physical Education Studies 3A/3B 60*

Their TEA, based on their top-four scaled scores (marked with an asterisk) is 274.
Based on the 2011 TEA/ATAR conversion, this equates to an ATAR of 88.60.

The LOTE bonus is 10 per cent of their Indonesian: Second Language course scaled score (7.1).

The student's UWA TEA, including the UWA LOTE bonus is therefore 281.1.

Based on the 2011 TEA/ATAR conversion, this equates to a UWA Tertiary Admission Rank of 90.60.

Calculating the bonus

Only one LOTE course score can count towards the bonus. If a student completes multiple LOTE courses, the best scaled LOTE course score will form the basis of the bonus.

Language courses which count towards the bonus

The following WA Certificate of Education courses will contribute to the LOTE bonus:

  • Aboriginal Languages of WA
  • Arabic
  • Chinese: Background Speakers
  • Chinese: Second Language
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Indonesian: Background Speakers
  • Indonesian: Second Language
  • Italian
  • Japanese: Background Speakers
  • Japanese: Second Language
  • Malay: Background Speakers
  • Modern Greek

There may be some additional interstate language courses and examinations available in WA schools, which may be counted in the ATAR, and therefore be considered for the LOTE bonus. Contact the Curriculum Council for details of availability.

Subjects completed before 2011

Only LOTE courses completed in 2011 or beyond attract the LOTE bonus.

LOTE course score bonus calculations and the TEA

Even if the LOTE course score is not one of a student's best four scores, 10 per cent of the LOTE score will still be added to the TEA.

International students

Anyone who completed an approved Language Other Than English course as part of their WA Certificate of Education in 2011 will receive the bonus.