Supporting documentation

You’ll need to provide the following documentation to support your application to UWA.

This page details the documentation requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate applications to UWA, as well as current students applying for advanced standing, or current students returning to UWA after cross-institutional study.

As an applicant, or current student, you are required to provide all supporting documents. Applications where information or documentation is incomplete may not be successful. Supporting documents must be electronic copies of the original in colour, and uploaded as part of your online application.

For verification purposes, you may be asked to submit your documents as originals. 

Note: If you are applying for a course by thesis and coursework or by research and coursework, you must complete and upload the Research and Coursework Supplementary Form.

Uploading documents: UWA Apply accepts files in .jpg .pdf and .doc format as well as many other common file types. Find out about our scanned document requirements.

Academic results and qualifications

All qualifications noted on your application must be supported by documentary proof, including an academic transcript of your completed course. This also applies to current students applying for advanced standing, or returning from cross-institutional study.

Transcripts must be official records generated by the institution, up to date, and include marks and letter grades. Unofficial transcripts, notices of results or electronic printouts will not be accepted.

UWA transcripts do not need to be provided.

Proof of English language competence 

You must provide results of any UWA-approved test of English, particularly if you studied at a non-English language university. 

Proof of name change

If you have documents in different names, you will need to show evidence of name change with documents such as a marriage certificate or change of name certificate.

Proof of Citizenship or Permanent Residency

You will need to supply proof of Australian or New Zealand citizenship, or Australian permanent residency (PR) when you apply. This can be in the form of:

  • original or certified copy of an Australian or New Zealand birth certificate (see note below)
  • Australian or New Zealand Passport, or a certified copy of the identity page of your passport (usually the first page)
  • original or certified copy of your Certificate of Australian Citizenship; or
  • other foreign national passport showing Australian residency status (permanent residents and humanitarian visa holders must provide a valid residency visa), or a certified copy of both the identity page and the visa page of a current passport (Admissions will use this to verify your visa status).

Note: Applicants born in Australia on or after 20 August 1986 using an Australian birth certificate to prove citizenship may be required to submit additional evidence. 

Fraudulent documents

You must declare and submit evidence of all attempts at secondary and tertiary studies, including failed courses or units, regardless of how long ago you undertook them.

UWA considers it a serious offence to submit a false declaration or false documents. If you are offered a place in a course and your application is subsequently found to have been incomplete or misleading, your enrolment may be terminated and your academic record annotated accordingly.