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You probably think cars driving themselves are little more than science-fiction. Think again – the first driverless vehicles are already here and UWA’s in the race to make them the norm.

Who's driving you home?

You can take your first trip in a driverless vehicle right here at UWA. An autonomous bus is being trialled on campus so we can investigate how this technology can be integrated into our teaching, research and future sustainable transport plans.

Our researchers are aiming to learn more about the technology and will be looking at the effect autonomous vehicles (AV) will have on sustainable transport, logistics and accessibility in the future.

Get on board and be part of UWA’s research. Find out more details below on how to get involved.

Train station platform 

Come along for the ride

As our autonomous vehicle makes its way around UWA, we’ll be taking the chance to see how the Western Australian public perceive this futuristic transport. In research being conducted by the Planning and Transport Research Centre, UWA Business School staff and doctoral students will use surveys and experiments to explore the impact of the technology on possible users.

We’ll be looking at what people think of AV as a method of short-distance travel – both before and after they use it – and what improvements could be made to the ‘first mile-last mile’ aspect of travel (that is, getting to and from bus and rail stops where AVs will depart).

Take part in our research and grab your chance to take a ride on the AV as it makes its way around campus. Visit us at the Business School or Reid Library to hop on. Can’t make it to campus to try it out? You can still help by completing our survey

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Steering committee

You may be surprised to learn UWA has a dedicated team that’s been working on autonomous vehicles for more than five years: the Renewable Energy Vehicle project (REV). It's been driven by the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, and this year students will compare the driverless systems they’ve built with a commercially developed autonomous vehicle. They’ll also be evaluating the accuracy and reliability of autonomous driving and the effects AVs have on other traffic, such as bicyclists and pedestrians.

Check out the REV autonomous car in action at UWA Open Day. The best way to find it and the research team is by jumping aboard the autonomous bus we’re trialling around campus. Just hop off between James Oval and the Bayliss Building – we’ll see you there!

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Go Kart

Circle Route—Reid Library to Business School to Reid Library

15 - 16 August

Reid Library
10:00 AM
10:40 AM
11:20 AM
12:20 PM
1:00 PM
1:40 PM
2:40 PM
3:20 PM
Business School
10:20 AM
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12:40 PM
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