Getting to UWA

The University of Western Australia is conveniently located on Stirling Highway, only 5km from the Perth CBD.

Public transport

The following bus routes offer weekend services to UWA:

  • CircleRoute (Routes 998 and 999). Refer to the CircleRoute 998 and 999 timetables.
  • Route 24 (East Perth – Claremont Station via Shenton Park and Broadway). Refer to the Western 44 timetable.
  • Route 102 (Esplanade Busport – Cottesloe Station via Claremont Station). Refer to the Western 31 and 45 timetables.
  • Route 103 (East Perth – Fremantle Station via Stirling Hwy). Refer to the Western 32 timetable.
  • Route 950 (Morley Bus Station – QEII Medical Centre via Beaufort Street, Perth City and UWA). Refer to the 45 and 202 timetables.

Driving and parking

If driving to UWA is your only option, be aware that traffic around campus will be heavier than usual, and parking will be at a premium. Allow for extra travel time and consider carpooling where possible.

A special overflow car park will be available on the Paul Hasluck Reserve at the Nedlands Park foreshore, beyond the Nedlands Yacht Club on The Esplanade, with regular shuttle services to and from campus throughout the day.

Proceed to the end of Broadway and turn right onto The Esplanade. Follow the signs to the overflow carpark, which is located approximately half a kilometre down on the left.


Cycling to UWA for Open Day is a great way to stay in shape and improve your mental health. By cycling you get your exercise while travelling to campus arriving alert and energised.

Cycling is a great option especially if you live within 15km of campus – the time difference between cycling and driving is minimal and you avoid the hassle of car parking.


If you live within 2km of the University, walking to campus is a great option. Walking keeps your body active and in shape and helps you arrive alert and energised. Walking also clears your mind and promotes a positive outlook.


  • Great for mental health because walking helps you de-stress.
  • Burns calories.
  • Promotes a better quality sleep.
  • It's free!