Housing database

The Housing Database provides a listing of vacant properties and share accommodation to help you find somewhere to live.

Enrolled students and staff

To log in to the Housing Database, incoming and enrolled students and staff members must have a current UWA staff or student ID number (eight-digit number) and Pheme password.

Log in to the Housing Database

Offered but not enrolled students

If you’re a prospective student who has accepted an offer at UWA, you will need to activate your Pheme account to get full access to the Housing Database.

Create an account or log in using your UWA ID number.

Search available accommodation by clicking on Search for property.

By using our Housing Database, you are accepting our terms and conditions of use.

Having problems?

If you’re unable to activate your Pheme account, create an account using your UWA student ID number (eight-digit number stated on your offer letter) or, if you don't know your UWA student number, use your name and personal email address and send an email to the UWA Housing Officer with the details below. You’ll then be granted temporary full access as a UWA user for a short period or until you are able to activate your Pheme account.

  • Your account username
  • Email address registered with your user account
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Details of your offer from UWA